Monday Morning Job Board’s Search

16 Jan
It is amazing how many job boards are available on the Internet. While there will be a large amount of overlap on many of these boards, many also provide targeted searches or cover portions of the job market not covered by others. So it is sometimes worth the time to check out each of the sites to see which best suits your needs.

  • – “Making professional networking easy” is the tag line for this site. This site combines networking, job search and job search tools into one site. You must join to get all of the benefits (blogs, forums, etc.), but you don’t have to join to try the job search. The job search interface is a simple search, but it returns many results. Many of the jobs appear to be in Canada. Seems like an overall good resource site, not so sure that the job search will help but it is worth a quick look.
  • – This site offers resume distribution, resume upload, job search agents and more. The first page shows a map of the US and indicates that you can post your resume for free to over 1,500 career sites (you pick where you want it to go). I’ve not tried this feature yet. The first page also gives an indication of how many jobs are posted on it’s network (over 144,000 across the US when I checked). You can create a profile, or go directly to job search if you don’t want to sign-up. There is a job search link as well as a company search link (which lists thousands of employers and shows how many job openings each of these companies have). This is definitely a site you should check out.
  • – Yes, there is a dedicated job search board for Admin careers as well! As with most job boards, you can sign-up, post your resume, search jobs and create job alerts (all from the main page). There is a simple search on the main page along with the latest job postings. There are networking resources, resume tips, job search advice and much more on this site. A quick search returned over 770 job opportunities. Each search provides a list of opportunities along with links for viewing and applying for the job directly. There are also direct links to employers from the job detail page. In all, this site seems to be well constructed and easy to use.
  • – As you may have already guessed, this site is targeted to the insurance industry. But don’t forget, there are sales, accounting, marketing an other functional roles that you can check out here. You can post your resume, search for jobs, review resources, get interview tips and more. The main page has a quick search function as well as a link to an advanced job search function. The main page also has a section with feature jobs and the right-hand side of the page lists featured employers. As an example, clicking on Liberty Mutual linked to several pages of job openings. In addition to submitting your resume, you can sign-up for job search agents.
  • -This site is partnered with It has a very clean interface and leads with a basic search function. Tabs at the top of the page provide lines to Advanced Search, Education Center, Career Resources and “My Jobalot” (which keeps track of your stuff if you’ve registered). From the main page you can also create an account, use the education center (with filters) and use their Resource center. A simple search of finance jobs in NY returned over 20 pages of job opportunities.

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