19 Jan

About I-CareerSearch


About Us


I-CareerSearch is based in the Central Ohio area, and is the premiere career management service company in the nation.        

Our mission is to provide superior career counseling services, teach candidates the skills to beat out their competition, and ultimately, land their target position in the most efficient and effective manner.        

Our purpose is to increase job seeker knowledge about the search process, and to empower candidates to experience both personal and professional growth, through career development.        

Offering both complimentary and premium services, I-CareerSearch focuses on bridging the divide between job seekers and hiring managers through quality planning, innovative strategy, managed effectiveness, and consistent follow-up.  

Did you know that I-CareerSearch can create and manage your social network identity?


We’ll create or edit your LinkedIn profile, to create a consistent professional image. It’s all included in your premium membership.  



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