Registering on Career Sites – Are There Benefits?

26 Jan

Article Title: Registering on Career Sites – Are There Benefits?
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"If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock." – Arthur Goldberg
Happy Columbus Day! If you are lucky, you are off today because it is a company holiday. If you are unlucky . . . well let’s not go there. So what does Columbus day teach us? Well for one, you don’t need to be the first one to get somewhere to to have a day named after you and, he wasn’t actually looking for America when he found it. So what does this have to do with job search? Actually, quite a lot. You may be looking for a specific job, but you need to be open minded since the job you want may not be the one you get. And, you don’t necessarily need to be the first one on the job scene to actually get the job. One strategy in your job search is to leverage technology to do some of the work for you. In this case I’m talking about registering on company career sites. The advantage is that your resume and application continues to work for you even when you are not looking on the site. The automated job agents will send emails when a job matches your criteria (leaving time for you to be looking at other sites). Additionally, the HR department will look at resumes submitted before going to recruiters or search sites. The downside is that you will need to de-register from these sites once you find a job so that you don’t continue to get emails (but I’m sure that’s a problem you can deal with). Lists:

  • Large Job Banks & Recruiting Sites – This list, provided by The Riley Guide, lists an amazing number of job banks, recruiters and other links that will get you one step closer to finding your job. Sites are listed alphabetically and there is a brief description
  • Top 100 job board niches – 2008 – Don’t worry that this list is from 2008, it is still valid and provides a list that you can use to tap into some sites you may not know about.

Company Career Sites:

  • Thompson Reuters – This site allows you to add a profile, including a resume upload feature. You can add specific job searches which will send an email to you when there is a match. The site also covers company background, provides career resources and has a section dedicated to students.
  • Zurich Financial Services – Zurich’s site is segregated by experienced professionals and recent grads. They offer information on campus recruiting, company background and “top tips”. They have a job search engine, but it is not available until you are interested in applying for a job that you can fill out a profile.
  • Bank of America – BoA’s site offers job search, campus recruiting, staffing events as well as background on the company. Similar to Zurich, when you apply for a job you can add your profile to their website. I recommend doing this for all company career sites as it will increase the chance that your name will come up if a job matches your skill set.
  • D.E. Shaw – The career section covers recruiting, culture, employee profiles, job opportunities and applying online. Clicking on “applying online” will allow you to enter your profile and submit your resume.
  • Accenture – Accenture, which is best known for consulting, also has technology and outsourcing divisions. You can search for jobs, find out where you fit in the company, visit them on Facebook (yes, they are on Facebook) and look at “life at Accenture”. They have a section for students and recent Grads as well as an “experienced hire” section. Once you are registered, you can save jobs you would like to review and see jobs where you’ve submitted an application. There is also an option to review jobs which match your profile.
  • Alston & Bird – This company is listed on’s “Best Companies to work for” as well as Fortune’s “Best Companies to work for”, they are a law firm with locations in several different cities. Their career page is divided by sections: Lawyers, Law Students, Foreign Internships, Paralegals and professional staff. You can search for jobs and add a profile.
  • Edward Jones – Headquartered in St. Louis MO, Edward Jones is a brokerage firm and is also on both of the lists mentioned above. The main section tabs are: Financial Advisor Opportunities, Branch Support Opportunities and Headquarters Opportunities. There is also a tab for students. There is an “apply now” link at the bottom of the page which allows you to explore opportunities across the tabs mentioned above. Once you click on one of these sections, you can add your profile and apply for jobs.
  • Verizon Communications – Their career site includes the following categories: Verizon Headquarters (NY), Verizon Business, Verizon Telecom, Verizon Wireless and VSO (which appears to provide all of the infrastructure support to the organization). You can watch a video on the company, go to the student site, or click through to the Career Opportunities section and do a search.

Good luck in your search.

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