Are You Doing Everything Possible To Uncover Your Next Job?

27 Jan

You’ve heard the news over and over. The economy is sluggish, unemployment is up, and opportunities are down. Let me ask you this one question…..when you go to the classified section of your local metropolitan newspaper, do you see ANY jobs listed?

If you answered YES, than it’s time to consider what you’re NOT doing to land your next job. You see, in spite of the nation’s economic state, companies are hiring. Depending on your field or industry, you just need to micro-focus your job search, to match the opportunities available.

Let me illustrate further. Let’s say you are an Electrical Engineer living in rural AnyTown, U.S.A. Your family loves this location, and your ultimate goal is to obtain a position with one of the two major engineering firms that our 50 miles from your home. Logically, when the number of opportunities are down, why would you limit yourself to these two target companies? You’re literally shooting yourself in the foot, and it’s time to gain a new perspective on searching for a job in 2010.

Your personal and professional future are on the line here – and you know it. Maybe your spouse is putting pressure on you to keep the kids in their local school district. Perhaps you are absolutely in love with the home you had built only five years ago. It could be there are a host of other reasons you’re focusing so heavily on working in the closest geographical area to your current home.

Do you see the solution to this problem? As a Career Agent, I certainly see it in black and white, and I want to share this with you all now.

Your career, and the job that you accept, are you personal, professional, and FINANCIAL identity. If you’re the Engineer I described above, and your spouse refuses to move, maybe you need to determine if you can rent an apartment, and have dual residency. You have to search far and wide when the economy demands, and it is definitely necessary that you do “whatever it takes” to make that career move.

In any event, the bottom line is this…..if you’re not looking at every opportunity in which you quality, regardless of the location – you are selling yourself short. You will not land the right job for yourself or your family if you do not consider ALL of the options in which you are qualified. If you’ve been on unemployment for more than a month, or if you’ve been unhappy in your current employment situation for more than a day – it’s time to take the bull by the horns and do what’s necessary to uncover your next opportunity.

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