What Your Resume Reveals About You

27 Jan

You’ve been stalking the job boards and sitting down with the Sunday classifieds for several months now, and you’ve diligently submitted your resume for appropriate positions. At this point, you’re looking at opportunities you would NEVER have considered prior to your extended time off work. The problem is, the more you take a more broad job search approach, the less interviews are being scheduled. As you’ve contemplated the possibility of doing different kinds of work, you’ve revised your resume to cover all your bases.

While it is logical to make the attempt mentioned above, this is a critical error. When you submit a resume that creates a very general skill set, you literally take yourself out of the running for most positions. When you have a “one size fits all” resume, you are working against yourself in getting interview appointments – let alone actually receiving the job offer. This type of resume reveals you are more of a jack of all trades – master of none.

What is the best way to increase the playing field of your job search, yet provide hiring managers with a resume that gets results? Here are the top five tips you can take to the bank:

1. Have more than one resume.
Think about this for a minute….it makes far more sense to have 3 – 5 resumes for the different positions you are shooting for, than trying to have the catch all resume. Each resume should be sprinkled with keywords that your prospective employer will scan to compare your skills to the physical job description. When it comes to submitting your resume for consideration, think “tailored.”

2. If you use a template to create your resume, customize it so it’s not like everyone elses.
Think of yourself standing in a large crowd where everyone has on blue jeans and a red t-shirt. A hiring manager is standing on the edge of the crowd, and has to pick his or her next hire from the masses. It’s a pretty daunting task for the employer, to say the least. The lesson here is it’s okay to be different, as long as it’s professionally appropriate. Your resume is the way the employer sizes you up in under 10 seconds, so make it impactful.

3. Make sure your qualifications summary highlights the ways you can benefit the company.
Think about this in terms of what you can do for them. If you can articulate this message in your qualifications summary, you’ll increase your chances of receiving the interview call.

4. Consider the type of paper your resume is on.
We’re in the digital age, and yes, employers receive hundreds of resumes via email and fax daily. To stand out from your competition, why not consider mailing a hard copy to the hiring manager’s office? If you choose to go this route, be sure to have your resume printed on high-quality resume paper.

5. Know who you are submitting your resume to.
Following up with a nameless Human Resources representative is a complete waste of your time. You must be able to contact the precise individual who has the hiring power for your intended position, and follow up.

With more candidates competing in the job market, it becomes more important than ever to differentiate yourself. Remember, your resume should reveal to the hiring manager that you have the skills and experience they’re looking for, and the value you potentially bring to their organization.

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