7 Career Myths That Could Stall a Career!

23 Feb

Many people, including very successful professionals, hold on to misconceptions about how to achieve career success. Many believe, incorrectly so, that there is only one path to achieve career happiness or find "career nirvana".

If you are struggling with career choices or looking for a job, you might be the recipient of a lot of "free", well-intentioned career advice from people who are themselves gainfully employed. Think carefully about acting on some of the career advice you receive since it may be based in myth and not in reality.

To be successful, you must explore and debunk any career myths or perceptions that could hold you back. As Olivia Crosby says in an article for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Don’t be a victim to your own misconceptions."

Myth 1
There is only one perfect career out there waiting for me. This is not true. Just as there is no one right way to write a resume, there are multiple options for career happiness. Recognizing this fundamental fact can lower personal stress and leave you open to options not previously considered.

Myth 2
Sticking with the same career for life will show commitment. Not necessarily. A potential employer could see it as a fear of learning new things and an unwillingness to grow professionally.

Myth 3

I have to stick to what I studied in college to build a career. No you do not. There is a distinct difference between selecting a college major and building a career. An overwhelming majority of college majors can lead to multiple careers.

Myth 4
Only experiences and competencies gained through paid employment are important to determining what I do next. Definitely not. Skills developed through both personal and professional experiences can become the basis for future career options.

Myth 5
New training or education is only for young people and for full time students. Did you know that the average age of a community college student is 29 and that 80% are employed?

Myth 6
Work life balance is a myth; I have to choose between being happy in a career and having a family. The workplace has evolved. More employers recognize the value of offering flexibility to workers and are increasingly supportive of the work life balance of employees.

Myth 7
I should be looking for a "safe" industry with job security. Don’t be fooled. Workers are let go, downsized and furloughed from so-called recession-proof industries such as healthcare, education or government all the time.

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