Cover Letter Solutions that Work

2 Mar

Are you submitting your resume to multiple employers, only to receive little or no response? Your cover letter should be a personalized communication to the hiring manager, that indicates your value proposition to the prospective employer. Here are five solutions to cover letter problems you can implement today.

1. Avoid using information that is already in your resume.

The goal of your cover letter is to get the hiring manager to look at your resume. This is your chance to really give them a taste of who you are — in full sentences! Use it to tell a story, talk more about your interest in the position, or to share some insight into your personality that might not otherwise be communicated. NEVER reiterate your resume, word for word.

2. Use specific examples of successes with previous employers.

It isn’t enough to point out you are dedicated, honest, and dependable. You have to share specific selling points with the hiring manager. Where possible, use numbers and success metrics. Don’t just say you’re a great communicator — tell them about how your public speaking ability helped push the business forward when you went across the country giving presentations. If you’re not already using this technique in your resume – it’s time to get started.

3. Your opening sentence is critical to the cover letter being read.

"I am applying for your _____ position." Does this strike you as a wow statement? Yet, you’d be amazed how many hiring managers read this very sentence in cover letters all the time. Trust me, that’s all they read of that cover letter….because they are bored off their rockers. You’ve got to come out of the gate with both guns blazing! Sell yourself to them. Tell this company how you are the solution to their problems. Most importantly, you have to tell them something unique, that sets you apart from other job market competition.

4. Your cover letter must address how your experience/skills match the job description.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, or just starting your career, the hiring manager is only interested in how you can meet THEIR needs. They have the obstacle of finding the most appropriate individual for this particular job. Make your cover letter about how you can be everything they want and need – and use the job description as your guide. The employer needs someone with business to business sales experience; explain you not only have worked in the field for three years, but you generated over 3 million in sales annually. Be specific, and address the organization’s needs straight from the job description.

5. Avoid sending a "one-size fits all" cover letter.

Find out the name and contact information for the hiring manager before you submit a resume. Sending a general "form" cover letter can seriously ruin your chances of ever getting in to the interview. Use your social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and learn something about the hiring manager. Google the individual to learn about their personal passion. If you know this person is an avid fisherman, why not incorporate a brief sentence about this in your cover letter?

Your cover letter is designed to create a connection between yourself and the hiring manager. Follow these simple tips, and see immediate results.

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