Consider Growing Your Salary with a Degree

17 Mar

Have you hit the top of your salary range? Many employers cap salaries according to experience, length of employment, and education. If you have years of experience, but you’re hiting a wall when it comes to your salary or promotion, it might be time to head back to school.

Surveys have shown time and time again that earning a degree will increase your salary. Whether you’re going back to school for your bachelors, masters, or professional degree, the skills you learn will lead you to more lucrative salary offers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics measured the median annual salary for each degree:

• Associate: $35,328

• Bachelors: $46,944

• Masters: $58,944

• Doctorate: $75,000

• Professional (MBA, JD): $73,022

Getting your degree can help you earn tens of thousands of dollars more each year. Plus, the education you’ll receive will pay off for the rest of your life. Start you search now for the schools and degree programs that will bring in top dollar!   Click here.

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