Top 10 Job Search Tips

2 Apr

A job search plan is an invaluable tool to any candidate.   Here are the top ten strategies to gain interviews and ultimately, the job offers.

I-CareerSearch Job Tips

Tips to make your job search seamless.

  1. Research local companies before applying. Between sixty and eighty percent of all open positions go unadvertised. Look at organizations that are strong and growing, and take the time to visit their corporate website for additional information.
  2. Tune-up the resume. A resume should illustrate the candidate’s skills and experience, as it relates to a specific job description. When applying for more than one type of position, it is necessary to edit the resume accordingly.
  3. Cover letter customization. Avoid sending a general cover letter template to employers. Job seekers should communicate their value to the hiring manager, by writing a personalized letter.
  4. Utilize social networks. LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, etc. have quickly become the virtual location to connect with local professionals. Consider connecting with employees of potential hiring companies.
  5. Follow-up relentlessly. Once a cover letter and resume has been sent, make sure to follow up via phone or email once a week. This lets the employer know they have an applicant who is serious about working for them.
  6. Be prepared to interview. To relieve anxiety about the meeting, do a mock interview with a friend or family member. This helps identify areas to practice, and allows the job seeker to better construct answers for the actual appointment.
  7. Never talk money before there is an offer. A candidate should never discuss compensation unless there is a job offer on the table. This is the appropriate time to negotiate, because the employer is ready to hire.
  8. Consider volunteering. Volunteering is an excellent way to open networking opportunities and gain new skills. Volunteer work can be listed on a resume, which employers prefer to gaps in employment.
  9. Think about education. When receiving multiple turn-down letters from hiring managers, there are two options. The job seeker can apply for a position with less skills required, or can consider the possibility of returning to school. In many situations, candidates are eligible for grants or loans to fund the education.
  10. Do not focus on the unemployment numbers. Negativity breeds negativity. Remember, the job boards and local newspapers do not list every opportunity. Candidates who make a full-time effort quickly uncover and land their next position.

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