Leveraging LinkedIn in a Successful Job Search

12 Apr

LinkedIn is one of the most popular business social networking sites around the globe, and offers users the ability to post their profile, connect with employers and hiring managers, and join professional networking groups within their industry and field.  Registered members can perform searches on their target companies, to research such important facts as headquarter location, the industry it serves, the company size and year founded, as well as the corporate physical street address.

To get started, visit the website’s homepage and register for a free account.  Once the account has been verified, the next step is to upload a most current resume to LinkedIn, so that hiring managers and recruiters will have the ability to search for you.

Tips to keep your LinkedIn profile relevant:

~ update your profile at least two times per week, to keep it near the top of search results, and to keep all the information fresh.

~ join all LinkedIn groups that pertain to your career and target position.  This is an excellent way to hear the latest buzz in your field, and can be a source of unadvertised jobs as they open.

~ search for hiring managers and recruiters who work for your target companies, and invite them to join your network.  Let them know your goal is to become a part of their organization, and you’d like to keep in touch.   Often, these individuals will update their LinkedIn status to reflect they have a new job opening, before it’s ever widely advertised.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for job seekers to utilize when performing a comprehensive search strategy.

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