Preparation and Job Negotiating Tips

14 Apr

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Submitting resumes and cover letters to prospective employers is only a small slice of what’s necessary to actually land a new job.

Interview preparation and having a grasp of the desired outcome of the meeting between job seeker and hiring manager is essential to receiving the actual employment offer.

Here are three job negotiating tips that will empower the candidate and enhance the individual’s overall professionalism.

Walk in to the interview armed with information.

Know the history of the company, recent newsworthy events, and the company’s financial stability before ever applying.  Take the time to learn as much about the job itself, before the interview.  Know the salary range for the position to be discussed, by pulling the information online.

What’s in it for the employer?

The hiring manager does not care about the fact you need to pay bills, or are trying to pay for your son or daughter’s college.  During the interview, you must articulate your value to their company, by explaining what’s in it for them to hire you.  Go in to each interview and answer all questions based on how it addresses their needs.

Get the job offer in writing.

Avoid talking money or compensation packages prior to receiving the job offer in writing.  If an interviewer asks about salary requirements, simply let him or her know that it would be premature to discuss pay prior to determining whether the position is a good fit for both parties.  Should the interviewer push on the matter, simply state you are aware of the salary averages for the position, and should you both wish to move forward in a business relationship, it should not be a problem to come to agreeable terms.  The interview is the time for the job seeker to sell their abilities, skills, and experience.  Talking about compensation during the meeting can quickly weed out even the most qualified candidate.

Every job hunter should understand how critical it is to be prepared for every interview, and how to tap in to their negotiation skills with prospective employers.

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