How to Take Charge of Your Career – (Part 1 of 3)

19 Apr

Career planning is essential to your job search.


Part One of a Three Part Series. 

Imagine what could happen if you made the conscious decision to stop balancing your checkbook. You just decided it will all work out, and you’re going to “go with the flow.”  If an individual chose to take this approach, is it likely their finances will remain totally organized, and the bills will get paid by themselves?  In this obvious illustration, we know the opposite to be true.  Likewise, if an individual fails to effectively manage their career, it is only a matter of time before he or she is no longer attaining the earning potential for their industry, has fallen behind in receiving the latest available training, and has missed opportunities for advancement.  To prevent finding yourself in this detrimental situation, here are some valuable tips to remain on the fast track in your career.  Taking charge of your career will provide an immediate focus when performing a job search, at any point and time during your professional life. 

In part two, this article provides specific tips to assist job seekers in career planning and management.  Stay tuned tomorrow.
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