Who’s Hiring at the Most Admired Companies – Vol 12

23 Apr

Article Title: Who’s Hiring at the Most Admired Companies – Vol 12
Author Byline: CareerAlley
Author Website: http://Careeralley.com

LAWhat would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?” – Robert Schuller

Sociology was never really my thing, but I do like to study people in the workplace. What makes some people successful and some failures? What allows some people to climb to the highest levels, only to tumble. There are those who will never be satisfied until they are CEO and others who are content to work in the mail room their entire careers.

The same is true for companies, those that endure no matter how difficult the times, those that crash and burn and those that survive but will always be second rate. Being a “most admired company” does not guarantee long term success but it is certainly one of the required ingredients to ensuring long term success. Finding your job is much the same, although it might be hard to find the connection. So, in Robert Schuller’s words, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail”? Only one way to find out.

  • Air France-KLM Group – We all know what Air France does. Their Career Site (the US version) is fairly simple with a brief overview in the center of the page followed by a listing of jobs. Not much of a career site, but worth a quick look if you are looking for a job in the Airlines industry.
  • Air Products & Chemicals -This company, according to their website “serves customers in industrial, energy, technology and healthcare markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases, performance materials, and equipment and services”. Their career site has an overview center page with links on the left for additional information on the company. Click Career Center on the right hand side of the page to link to their search page. You have three options – sign in (if you already joined the site, register for the site or search openings. There were 152 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Airgas – Airgas is the largest U.S. distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases and related hardgood (according to their website). Their career site is fairly simple, with an overview center page, followed by a profile of the company. The right hand side of the page has a quick search (and an advanced search link right below), how to apply and links to their values and profile. Click on the advanced search and select your criteria for jobs. there were 140 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Alcoa – Located in 34 countries around the world, Alcoa’s main business is the production of aluminum. From the careers page, you can search openings, find out about the company or visit the student section which is dedicated to recruiting for college students. To register on the site, you must select search openings, select your country and then create your account. You need to search by country. For the US, there were 24 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Allianz – Allianz’s main businesses are Insurance, Asset Management and Banking. They have over 180,000 employees spread over 70 countries. Their career site provides links to search for jobs and company information on the left-hand side with additional links on the bottom for job profiles and entry programs. Center page has a map of the world where you can click on employees around the world to hear what they say about the company. On the right hand side of the page you can search for jobs by a number of variables.

Good luck in your search.

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by CollegeRecruiter.com, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

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