Make a Fundamental Transformation to your Resume

13 May

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With fierce competition in the employment market, job seekers’ must possess a resume that will capture the attention of prospective hiring managers very quickly.  According to Robert Bly, author of The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt and Company, 1990), in order to convince an employer to “buy” a candidate, their resume must utilize a four step process called the AIDA formula. 

According to Bly’s writings, AIDA stands for the following:

  1. Get Attention.
  2. Capture Interest.
  3. Create Desire.
  4. Call to Action.

Here are the top five tips to enable job seekers to craft their own dynamic resume with a high level of “wow factor.”

Focus on visual appeal.   

When a resume is reviewed, the first impression of the reader comes from the overall visual appeal and the headline of the resume.  With the cover letter, the first 2 – 4 sentences are most widely read.  When creating or updating a resume, it is imperative to grab the reader’s attention, so it will draw them into reviewing the entire document.

Resume headline examples:

Experienced Educator – Two Decades Devoted to the Teaching of Political Science and its Impact on the Global Economy

Profit-Driven Manager with Strong Customer Focus

Focus on key selling points.

Every resume should be written to illustrate “what’s in it” for the employer.  Many job seekers attempting to take on the task of creating a resume, tend  to focus solely on providing a chronological account of their past employment.  While this information may be useful to a hiring manager, (this is provided on the official application anyways) it does not provide a compelling reason for him or her to pick up the phone and set up an interview meeting.  The candidate should assess the needs of the company, based on the job description, and move forward in creating a document that presents the individual as the “one solution” to their staffing problem.

Use consistent formatting.

The document should be appealing to the eye.  If using bullet points to disclose skills and tasks performed for a current employer, use the same formatting throughout the document.  It is acceptable to use bold and italics to highlight information.  Do not overuse these options, or the highlighting efforts become less powerful.  Always choose to use a font style that is easily read.  Avoid script and fancy fonts.

Graphics are acceptable.

The use of an icon or picture in a resume can be effective, if used to enhance the overall visual appeal.  Graphics should not take away from the information being presented, but should create a cohesive presentation that further captivates the prospective employer. 

First half of the first page is the bulls-eye.

On a standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper, it is the first half of the first page that must contain the job seeker’s unique value.  The top of the page will list the candidate’s name and contact information.  Immediately under this, the job seeker should have their headline, as discussed above.  The next area is where all skills and experience pertinent to the target position will be listed.  The items listed here must match exactly what the employer is looking for – or the job seeker should not be pursuing that particular position. 

When to get help.

Any job seeker who consistently submits their resume for open positions and does not receive an interview invitation should consider a consultation with a professional resume writer.  Depending on a candidate’s experience level, a job seeker can have their resume crafted by an expert for anywhere between $100.00 – $400.00.  Candidates interested in receiving a complimentary resume analysis may forward their resume here.

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