Jobs Come and Go: Opportunities are Consistent

14 May

Jobs Come and Go: Opportunities are Consistent

After reading The New Poor: In Job Market Shift, Some Workers Left Behind, (Rampell, C., 2010, May 12), it really struck me how the news of joblessness and economic woes can infiltrate the hearts and minds of people engaged in a job search.  I don’t know about you, but I scan the news daily, and receive conflicting reports of deeper recession…..then the glimmer of hope that the country is on the brink of recovery – and the story continues to flip and flop every single day.
Here’s the problem as I see it…..if you’ve been laid-off, terminated, experienced corporate down-sizing, or just find yourself out of work for whatever reason, you CAN NOT continue to focus on how bad it is.  
Since I was a young girl, I have loved horses.  If you’re a rider, you know there is absolutely nothing like being up in the saddle when your horse is galloping at full-speed across the countryside.  That is, until you’re thrown off the horse.  At that moment, you realize how much power this animal has, and how you’re a happy rider only as long as he allows it.  When you’re thrown off a horse, do you walk-away with your head down, never to ride again?  No – you pick yourself up and do it all over again!
When you’re out of work, it’s very difficult to keep motivated and positive.  You have to walk away from the “doom and gloom” and do something every single day to move forward, towards your next opportunity. 
Here are some tips to help you advance your  job search, when you’ve seemed to hit a brick wall:
1.  Research new careers.
You have unique talents and skills.  You are a dependable, valuable individual.  Take the time to visit your local library, and visit the career section.  You can also go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website – Occupational Outlook Handbook, to see which employment fields and industries are growing, and which are not.  Make a deliberate career choice based on your current skills, what you are interested in, and gets you where you want to be financially.  You are in control!
2.  It’s never too late to go back to school.
I recently took a class at Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, and I was amazed at the various ages of the people in the class.  I never had an opportunity to physically meet anyone, but I saw their pictures and read their bios through our “virtual classroom.”  Today, you don’t have to completely reconfigure your life to go back to school.  If you have an internet connection, a good headset, and a couple of hours a night, you can literally complete your Associates or Bachelors Degree in short order.  If you’re going in to the medical field, you may have to go to a bricks and mortar school, but it’s worth it.  The bottom line is if you have to change fields, choose a direction, and sign yourself up for classes.
3.  Everyone starts somewhere.
You may have been a senior-level, executive secretary, but that was your past.  You’ve made up your mind to take control of your situation, and move forward.  Once you’ve enrolled in school, apply for an entry-level position in your new field.  Explain to the employer what you’re trying to accomplish, and they will appreciate you for it.  Get your foot in the door, and continue to work while attending school, so you are set up for success upon graduation.  
4.  Consider using your expertise to start a home-based business.
If you’re a seasoned professional who’s been displaced, you can easily take your experience and start your own home-based business.  The beauty here is you earn more, call all the shots, and be as successful as you choose.
5.  Don’t give up.
When you’re looking for your next opportunity, must do something to reach your goal – daily.  Create a list of the top five tasks you must accomplish for the next day, and do whatever it takes to cross off everything on your list.  Remember, no one plans to fail – they fail to plan.

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