Research Pay Before the Interview

19 May

Know the average pay for the position you're pursuing - in advance of the interview.

Know the average pay for the position you’re pursuing – in advance of the interview.
Enter every interview meeting armed with information.

The job market is tight across the nation.  An employer finally calls to schedule the interview.  As a candidate, there have been many resume submissions, and very few, if any, invitations to interview.  The prospect of obtaining gainful employment seems like a gift at this point, and the option of negotiating salary seems non-existent.

Never settle for the initial salary offered by an employer.

Think of it like this….an employer is attempting to hire their help at the lowest possible rate.  This saves them money and keeps their costs down.  The problem is, if every job seeker does not put in the time to research the average wages for the given position, they risk the possibility of accepting a salary or hourly wage that is too low.  Over a number of years in the position, this negatively affects the candidate’s earning potential.

When a company comes in with a low number, give them a counter-offer, along with research to back it up.

In a situation in which the prospective employee has concrete information to back up their counter-offer, the employer will likely accept it.  Hiring companies understand the value of their help, and want to hire qualified workers to fill their needs.  In fact, it can actually cost an employer money for each day they do not fill critical positions.

Employees make money for employers.

Every job available represents a new opportunity for both candidates and companies.   The company chooses to hire, because they realize the new employee will generate or save their company a certain amount of money.  The employee needs to earn a reasonable wage for the service being performed.  Candidates should never walk in to an interview with the attitude they are more valuable than any other job seeker on the market, nor should they have the illusion their pay should be higher than the area average. 

Use resources to obtain factual information.

Job seekers may obtain accurate compensation information for both their local area, as well as national averages by visiting

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