How to Create a Web Resume in Minutes

15 Jul

Creating a web resume, ensures prospective employers have access to your information - 24/7.

While the job market across the nation continues to improve, candidates must do everything in their power to embrace the technology available to them for their employment searches.  One way to ensure prospective hiring managers and recruiters can access your fully-updated resume at their convenience, is by creating a web-resume.  Here are the four basic steps to create this essential document, in only a few minutes.

1.  Sign up for a free Google Docs account. In case you haven’t run across this application yet, Google Docs enables registered users to upload and create documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets, etc., where it is stored on-line.  Once a document is uploaded or created (it works like a basic word processing program), the user can choose to publish to the web.  Once a document is published, it is provided with a unique URL.

2.  Upload your most recent resume to the Google Docs account. Make sure to go back and review your work, to ensure all formatting is in place.  If any editing needs to be completed, make the necessary changes, and save all work.

3.  Share your resume. While logged in to the account, click on the share button, located in the upper right corner of the page.  At this point, the user has the option to share with specific individuals, or to make public.  Choose to make the document public, and make note of the assigned URL.

4.  Purchase the domain name of your choice for approximately $10.00 per year. Check to see if your first and last name is available for purchase.  For example,  When the chosen first and last name is not available, consider adding a middle name, and re-check availability.  Once you have a domain name registered, follow instructions to forward your domain to the URL of your resume.

Career Services companies can charge hundreds of dollars to create a resume on the internet.  With a little help from Google Docs and a domain registrar like GoDaddy, job seekers can quickly and inexpensively get their own resume on-line, and create a professional identity that will be accessible by prospective employers, on-demand.

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