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19 Jul

Article Title: Company Career Sites – Technology Companies
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Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.” – Rich Cook

The vast majority of companies have some form of technology, but not may companies are drive technology. There are the usual suspects (some of which are featured below), but it really depends on how broadly or narrowly you define technology. As an example, is Pixar (now part of the Disney empire) a technology company or an entertainment company? The answer, of course, is yes. So at the least, identifying technology companies can be as clear as mud. There were over 10,000 job opportunities across the companies featured today. For today, we will try to be as purist as possible as we continue our focus on company career sites.

  • IBM – Another name known by everyone, IBM is truly a global company and its products range from manufactured goods to business services. The Job Seekers page has a video about the company, a section for University Students and search by country. Select “search openings” and you can search for jobs or register on the site. The Advanced Search function provides a number of options so that you can focus you search. There were over 3,900 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Microsoft – We all know what this company does. In addition to being at the top of Fortune’s most profitable list, Microsoft is also on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for“. Based in Redmond Washington, the Careers page allows job search by region or Development Centers. Picking your country of choice from the center of the page takes you to that country’s career page. You can register, search jobs, submit your resume and create a job agent. The page also provides links to career paths, detailed information on the company and a student center. There were over 100 job opportunities when I checked the site (the site only shows 100 jobs at a time).
  • Hewlet Packard – HP’s career website provides an overview of the company with links to Search Job and Submit your Profile on the left of the page. Their are separate tabs for Students & Graduates and Diversity. Searching all HP jobs returns over 4,300 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Apple – Apple has been on the upswing for some time now, and they are admired on many fronts. Their career page has two paths, Apple Pro and Apple Store. A fairly simple page, which has Start Your Search at the top right hand side. You then select Retail or Corporate jobs center page. Clicking Search Jobs links to a job search engine. You can register for the site or just search. A generic search of Corporate jobs returned 1,055 corporate job opportunities when I checked the site (be sure to check their retail jobs as well).
  • Honeywell International – According to their website, Honeywell is a diversified technology and manufacturing company with business in, aerospace, control technologies and automotive products. Their careers site has links at the top for Job Search, Career Paths, University Relations and more. The left hand side of the page has news, while center page has Honeywell Careers. The right hand side lists a number of career paths, all with links with additional information and a small search box on the top right hand side. The job search page has quick links for search in other languages. As an example, there were 577 job opportunities in the US when I checked the site.

Good luck in your search.

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