Use Job Shadowing to Get Resume Keywords

7 Aug

Article Title: Use Job Shadowing to Get Resume Keywords
Author Byline: Peggy McKee
Author Website:

Job shadowing is just what it sounds like: you be someone’s “shadow” for the day, to learn what a typical day is like in their job. It’s also known as a field preceptorship, or a ride-along (especially accurate for going with sales reps on their routes). It’s a “tryout” for you with no pressure. It gives you a chance to see if you like that work environment, and see what it takes to be successful in it. If you work it right, you can ask questions throughout the day that will give you better insight into the work.

A big benefit of job shadowing for you is that you can gather keywords for your resume you might not otherwise have. For instance, if you were interested in learning how to get into medical sales, you would put the job shadowing experience on your resume and write about which doctors you called on, what the products involved were, and what kind of medical sales accounts they are. The words you’ll use are the kinds of keywords that will get your resume noticed by computerized tracking systems, and then read by recruiters and hiring managers. The process is the same for whatever area you’d like to go into.

Now that you know why job shadowing is so important, how do you get that experience?

Use your network to find contacts, either in person or on LinkedIn. Ask for the favor, and it would be a nice touch to offer to treat for lunch, or buy them a small token of appreciation afterward. Ask plenty of questions so you can learn as much as you can, but be sure not to get in the way. Once you add the experience to your resume, you’ve taken a huge positive step toward landing the job.

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