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15 Aug

Article Title: Jobs in Retail – Who’s Hiring
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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” – Bo Derek 

One of the first part-time jobs I had when I was in college was in Retail. Granted, it was working as a cashier in a (now bankrupt) department store. It’s where I got my first taste of “working with the public” and I can tell you, there were as many rewarding experiences as there were lousy experiences. Retail is an interesting occupation, you get to learn a lot about a wide range of products, you get to work with people and there are many different roles you can play. Probably more than most industries, Retail is generally hard hit when times are bad and it also a large percentage of part-time or seasonal workers. Even though times are still tough, there are still an amazing number of jobs in Retail. Today’s post provides a few resources for those looking for retail careers. 

Retail Chains: 

  • Macy’s – A national retailer with over 800 stores and over 161,000 employees, Macy’s is one of the best known retailers in the US. Their careers page has a company overview center right with embedded links to their jobs page and college recruiting site. If you follow the jobs page link, you are led to their job search page. The top of this page has links for benefits, about Macy’s and apply. Below this is a general job search box where you can search by job function or state. There were 4,251 job opportunities when I checked the page.
  • Lowe’s – A specialty retailer, Lowe’s is a “do it yourself” retailer similar to Home Depot. As with many retailers, there are a number of career choices when looking at their Careers page. For Lowe’s, these are: Stores, Distribution or Corporate Headquarters. These categories are listed at the top middle of the page. The top of the page also has tabs, one of which is for College Recruiting. The Job Search link (a tab at the top or a box on the middle right hand side of the page) leads to a search engine which allows job search across the entire company. There is a Hot Jobs box on the right hand side of the page categorized by job function. Interestingly, you can subscribe to this section of the page via an RSS link. There is no easy way to search across the entire company, you must first select your city and state.
  • Sears Holdings – Another well known retailer with a broad business model, combined with Kmart several years ago is struggling through the recession like many retail chains. Their careers page has links a the top of the page for Areas of Opportunity, College Programs, Events and Search Jobs. The center of the page has links for opportunities by type of job (Entry Level Hourly, Professional/Salaried and College/Military Programs. Clicking on Search jobs brings up two choices – Professional or Entry Level jobs and clicking either of these links provides additional job search choices.
  • Kohl’s – A another retail store company, their careers page leads with “building great futures”. The page is filled with 5 boxes representing the different career options: Campus Recruiting, Corporate Headquarters, New York Office, Stores and Distribution Centers. You can check each of these career choices to see the available jobs or use the “current openings” at the top right hand side of the page. There were 336 job opportunities when I checked the page.
  • Retail Recruiters – This firm is a national recruiter specializing in Retail from Department Stores to Discount Stores to Supermarkets. Their web page has two boxes of interest on the left hand side of the page: Career Opportunities or Submit Your Resume. Clicking on career opportunities provides a partial list of jobs or you can submit your resume for consideration.

Good luck in your search. 

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