Your Ticket to Job Search

27 Sep

Article Title: Your Ticket to Job Search
Author Byline: CareerAlley
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She’s got a ticket to ride, but she don’t care.” – John Lennon
I went to a concert the other night to see a band that I grew up on (like 30 years ago). And you know the deal, at the end of the concert everyone claps, chants and holds up their lit cellphones until the band comes back. So then I started thinking about concerts I attended 30 years ago and the “lit cellphone” of the day was your lighter or matches. So what’s the point? Well, things change over time – matches to cellphones, snail mail to email and telephone conversations to texting. Job search is much the same, you need to adjust your approach to the “tools of the times”. Today’s post is about leveraging today’s Job Search Marketing tools for your job search.

What You Need to Do:

  • How to Make Yourself More Attractive as a Job Prospect – This article, posted on, reminds us that the job market is very crowded with candidates (and scarce on jobs). The article provides some great advice, from Believe in Yourself to Match the Company Culture. The article is definitely worth a read. Also on the site are links at the top of the page for posting your resume, searching for jobs and job resources.
  • Ten Tips for Effective Job Searching – So what do you really need to know? This article, posted on, provides ten tips for ensuring you ace your job search. All of the basics are here, but do you know what they are? The article covers Interviewing, Job Fairs, Your Resume and more. Most important advice (in my mind) is “Don’t Give Up”! In addition to the article, the page also includes links at the top for Job Searching, Find a Job, Resumes & Letters and Interviews & Employment. Also take a look at the bottom of the page, where there are links for related articles.

What You Need to Have:

  • Resumes & Cover Letters – I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the basics of what you need for job search and of course Resumes and Cover Letters are on top of the list. This site,, is an amazing site filled with tons of job search resources, not the least of which includes resumes and cover letters. This particular link leads directly to what you will need. The top section (middle page), includes 5 links related to cover letters and the like. Right below is another section with links to resumes and posting those resumes.
  • Top Job Websites & Search Engines For Finding Employment – Of course you will also need to know where to look for a job and this article, from, provides a great list to start. The sites listed in the article (each with a brief description) each have aspects that are unique for that site. Take a look at the list and pick the sites that best suit your background.

Get That Education:

  • Westwood College – With the economy changing and evolving almost daily, one thing does remain constant however; and that is education. No matter what the economic climate, higher education is always well received. Whether you are working to enroll in an undergrad program, complete a master’s program, or further your current career with supplementary classes, you are taking the first step to a successful career. What many students do not realize though, is how convenient and flexible a college degree can be. You can maintain your current lifestyle and essentially sculpt your ideal schedule when attending an online school. The idea of online education is often overlooked or under-rated when the complete opposite is true. Often times family, location, or just a busy lifestyle in general can keep prospective students from pursuing their educational dreams. Online learning offers sophisticated multimedia and technology, flexible and tailored coursework, and degrees in any industry or field; including IT, interior design, healthcare and construction management, MBA programs, and many specialized trade training opportunities. When considering furthering your education and career options, check out online schools – they’re just a click away!

Good luck in your search.

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

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