Clean It Up! Easy Tips For Making Your Resume Polished and Professional

24 Oct

Article Title: Clean It Up! Easy Tips For Making Your Resume Polished and Professional
Author Byline: Cathy Eng, CARW, Owner of Resume Rocketeer, Inc.
Author Website:

Giving your resume a polished, professional look proves to employers that you are detail-oriented and take your job search seriously. Sloppy, amateurish resumes (i.e. those with too much white space, awkward spacing, no focus, and even errors) are the ones that end up lost somewhere in HR. There are several ways to make your resume stand out as professional. Here are just a few:

– Don’t use first person. While it is okay to refer to yourself in the first person (e.g. I, me, my) in your cover letter, this is a no-no in resumes. For example, instead of “I was responsible for 10 helpdesk employees”, simply change to third person: “Led staff of 10 helpdesk personnel”, which sounds more refined and professional.

– Don’t use lazy language. Informal language does not translate well to a resume. For example, instead of saying, “Filled out balance sheet reports for accounting and gave them to their management team”, which is clunky and informal, say something like, “Successfully completed and delivered balance sheet reports to accounting management.”

– Make your email clean and easy to remember. This is especially important if your resume is sent in print. Employers simply do not want to send an email to Choose an email that is a variation on your name and has as few numbers as possible so they know exactly who the email is going to and there is less room for incorrectly typing your email address.

– Don’t position your bullets too far to the right. This sends the message to employers that you know nothing about formatting a Word document, which is very basic to most jobs these days. You can adjust bullets by sliding the tabs on the top ruler of your document to the left.

– Do not list irrelevant information. This includes your karate black belt, your church singles group, and even your high school diploma (which is considered a given in today’s job market). Including items like these makes it seem like you have nothing else to offer, and we both know that is not true!

– Proofread, proofread, proofread. And then have a couple other people help you proofread. Even the best writers make errors, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

It is more important than ever to look at your resume as a marketing tool, and an attractive, professional resume is what will set you apart from your competitors. Do everything you can to make yourself stand out!

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