Landing Your Dream Job in Any Economy, for the Holidays

26 Nov

The perfect holiday gift for anyone considering a job change or currently out of work.

Whether you are a C-Level professional seeking your next career move, or an individual just entering the job market for the first time, Landing Your Dream Job in Any Economy is “the roadmap” to success for job seekers everywhere.

Readers will gain new perspective on:

~ how to set up a search that requires limited effort and saves time

~ crafting a winning resume that gets results

~ utilizing a quality cover letter to capture the attention of hiring managers

~ leveraging social and personal networks to get their foot in the door

~ learn how to research companies to determine whether they are a good fit for you

~ how to take your job search “Mobile”

~ uncover the essentials necessary to land your next job in 60 days or less

Job Search Tip:

Did you know that every time you submit an online application or resume to Human Resources, it is their job to determine why you’re NOT a good fit for the position?  Yes, their role is to essentially weed you out of the consideration process.  Many people believe simply sending out volumes of resumes to non-targeted organizations will assist them in surfacing new employment opportunities.  In most companies, HR looks at the application or resume, and they determine whether or not the person’s background and experience fit the requirements of the job they have applied for.  Job seekers who believe they will be considered for other opportunities within an organization are mistaken.  They do not have the time to evaluate each candidate to decide whether other opportunities, now or in the future, are a potential fit.

In short, it is imperative for you to target companies and positions that are a good fit for you.  Otherwise you will be spinning your wheels, and become very disappointed.

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