Why You Need A Branded LinkedIn Profile Now

19 Jan

Article Title: Why You Need A Branded LinkedIn Profile Now
Author Byline: Jessica has a true passion for the job seeker, evidenced by her desire to share everything she can with everyone she can about resume writing and interviewing.
Author Website: http://www.greatresumesfast.com

If you’re thinking that copying and pasting your resume into your LinkedIn profile is going to cut it, then I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re wrong. Your LinkedIn profile should NOT be an exact replica of your resume—and you should NOT copy and paste your resume into it. You can do so much more with your LinkedIn profile than you can with your resume, and I view the LinkedIn profile as a complement to the resume—not a reproduction of it.

Utilizing a branded LinkedIn profile increases your chances of being listed in search results when an employer searches for someone with your skills and background. It also gives them a quick snapshot of who you are and what you do. Saying, “My name is John Smith, and I’m currently unemployed.” is NOT an effective job search strategy.

Ultimately, you want to appear at the top of the search results and—ideally—in the first few listings. Landing there almost guarantees a read by the hiring manager; and he can see your picture, name, title, and branding statement in the search results, so make sure your statement is clear, concise, and powerful.

If you’re the best at selling widgets, then make sure your profile clearly articulates that—and reinforce your brand throughout the profile. LinkedIn has recently added some new sections that will only further enhance your ability to sell yourself to potential employers—if you haven’t already added skills, publications, certifications, and any others that apply to your profile so that employers can see exactly the value you offer their company.

Branded profiles land interviews. We had a client just this week who was called for an interview the same day he posted his brand-driven profile that we developed for him. If that doesn’t speak to the success of a branded profile, then I don’t know what does.

Read more about why a branded LinkedIn profile is vitally important to your job search—or work with a LinkedIn profile writer today by calling 800.991.5187. We guarantee interviews and your job search success. If a new LinkedIn profile today means interviews tomorrow, it’s worth the investment!

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by CollegeRecruiter.com, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

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