Proper Interview Attire: If not Sure, ask your recruiter.

7 Feb

Article Title: Proper Interview Attire: If not Sure, ask your recruiter.
Author Byline: Boston Technical Recruiter
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Different firms have varying expectations of how they like to see candidates’ dressed for interviews. Assuming that a suit is always the best option may not be the right assumption at all. There are companies such as techie software companies where a nice striped 2 button would get you disqualified. At that same time, interviewing in anything less then a suit at a law firm will end your chances on the spot.

How do you know what to wear? The best source of this information if you are not sure is your recruiter. Whether an agency recruiter or a corporate recruiter, these are the people who will have the best information about how to impress your potential new employers. It is better to ask what seems like a silly question then to assume and lose an opportunity because you were overdressed.

I remember a candidate who was interviewing for a game development job. He not only was not wearing a suit, but he was wearing jeans and sneakers. I was devastated as I thought no way he could get a job dressed like that. I was wrong. Not only did he get the job, the hiring manager commented that the candidate was one of the best developers he had seen in years.

Even in any workplace your skills and personality may win over the initial bad impression you cause by being underdressed or overdressed. However, it is probably your best bet to ask your recruiter about appropriate dress code and not start the interview at a disadvantage.

Good luck!!

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