Are You an Employer’s Candidate?

25 Mar

Article Title: Are You an Employer’s Candidate?
Author Byline: William Frierson is a staff writer for
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As a job seeker, you might enter a job search focusing on your needs and wants. While that is okay to a certain degree, your primary concern should be what a potential employer is looking for. Different jobs require different qualifications, but there are some qualities that any employer can value in a potential candidate. If you have them or develop them, then an employer will be more interested in you.

Here are a few qualities that can benefit employers:

-Long-term potential- Employers desire workers who can remain with their companies for a while and have the opportunity to advance.

-Works well with others- It is important to employers that a new hire gets along with his or her co-workers to accomplish company objectives, as well as to enhance morale in the workplace.

-Can work independently- Employers appreciate people who can work on their own and don’t need too much direction. These are individuals who get their work done and add value to their companies.

For other qualities that benefit employers, see the source below.

You may have specific interests in your job search; however, to get hired, you must focus on the needs and wants of a potential employer. By possessing qualities that can benefit any employer, you will be seen as an employer’s candidate for the job.

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