These Small Adjustments Could Improve Your Resume Tenfold

20 Aug

Article Title: These Small Adjustments Could Improve Your Resume Tenfold
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Sometimes writing a resume can leave us feeling bummed, especially if we keep submitting what we feel is a masterpiece but don’t seem to get the results we want. Don’t feel deterred if you’re not snagging interviews. It may just be that you need to make a few tweaks to your resume. Before you submit yours again, consider making the following small adjustments:

1. Skip the abbreviations. While it’s a great idea to incorporate industry keywords in your resume, adding abbreviations like “mgr.” instead of writing out “manager” could result in your resume being overlooked by scanning software.

2. Turn paragraphs into bullet points. It may be that your resume is just too dense for hiring managers to want to read through it. To remedy the issue, consider breaking your paragraphs into bullet points. This creates much needed white space in your resume while allowing you to narrow your focus a bit.

3. Frame your keywords. When incorporating keywords into your resume, don’t just add some that you think are cool. Some companies utilize state-of-the-art filtering technology that looks for keywords framed within a specific context. So be sure to use the keywords to describe your experiences and prove you are actually familiar with the subject.

4. Edit again for typos. You might be surprised by the mistakes that you could overlook on your resume, especially if you’ve been sending yours out with sections you don’t alter much (e.g., education, awards, etc.). Double-check these sections to make sure there are no typos. An error you didn’t know was there could be turning hiring managers off.

5. Be careful of spam folders when e-mailing your resume. When submitting your resume via e-mail, small headline adjustments such as “graduated with high honors” instead of “graduated cum laude” could help your resume avoid the spam folder.

Making these small adjustments could change the entire scope of your job search and actually result in your being called for an interview when you weren’t before. Why not give it a try? You may just experience the changes you’ve been looking for.

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