Tendencies That May Harm Your Job Search

2 Sep

Article Title: Tendencies That May Harm Your Job Search
Author Byline: William Frierson is a staff writer for CollegeRecruiter.com.
Author Website: http://www.collegerecruiter.com/

Are you wondering why your job search is moving along slowly? Any job search requires patience, but have you thought about how to improve it? Perhaps, you are your own worst enemy, making mistakes that are harming your job search. Here are some tendencies to avoid according to one career expert:

Job searching, not company searching- If you’re simply job searching, then you may waste too much time and come up short in finding the job you want. As an alternative, research the companies you’d like to work for in order to focus on specific job opportunities.

Neglecting your online presence- These days, some employers search for job candidates using the Internet. If you create any kind of online profile, be careful what content you post (blogs, pictures, etc.). Keep it professional so you will be taken seriously as a job seeker.

Applying for jobs you’re not qualified for- While a job opportunity might sound good, you need to consider its expectations and if the job is right for you. Find a job where you can fulfill the minimum requirements.

For more tendencies to avoid in your job search, please see the source below.

A job search is challenging enough without you creating problems for yourself. Avoiding certain tendencies could produce better results sooner than you think.

Information provided by Heather Huhman.


[please link to: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2011/07/29/5-job-search-habits-to-break%5D

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