Create Your Own Career Network

17 Feb

Article Title: Create Your Own Career Network
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You might think about networking simply as a meet and greet. However, it involves more than just making contacts; networking allows you to establish meaningful relationships based on particular interests. A career network is a support system that can provide important information as it relates to your career. So, how do you create a career network?

Tap into natural instincts, be yourself, and tap into your passions- Find opportunities to engage yourself in the area(s) you’re interested in by joining clubs and attending career events.

Always be prepared- It is a good idea to keep some business cards on hand; otherwise, have a pen and paper in case you meet a new contact.

Follow-up- Networking is a two-way street. When you come across information that may be relevant to your contacts, pass it on. This lets them know you’re thinking about their interests too.

Get over the fear of rejection- Rejection is a part of life, as well as networking. Don’t be discouraged if someone says no to helping you; it gives someone else the chance to say yes.

For more career networking tips, check out the source below.

Networking is not only about meeting people, but also establishing relationships. By creating and maintaining a career network, you will have valuable resources to help you progress in the real world.


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