Top 10 Careers for 2010

5 Mar

A quality resume helps you get your foot in the door with prospective employers


Many of us, at one time or another during our adult lives, daydream about an entirely new career. We might read an article about how one sector of the economy is growing by leaps and bounds and wonder what we need to do to play a role in that fast-growing field. So what are the top 10 careers? Better still, what would a perfect resume look like for any of these exciting careers? Keep reading for some great ideas that will help you lay the foundation to take it from the daydream stage into your new reality. 

Careers in demand require specific skill set. Let your resume emphasize them. 

Naturally, a degree is required for this profession. Still, the need for psychologists is growing in ways we couldn’t have anticipated before the global recession. With so many concerns over job losses, foreclosures and other live events, many are turning to psychologists for insight and even career advice. 

Yet another fast growing career in the medical field, pharmacists are those who ensure we receive the right medications prescribed by our physicians. As you might expect, this also requires a college degree with a chronological resume of one’s college career. Pharmacology is an interesting and fulfilling career choice and those who choose to go into this field discover just how satisfying it truly is. 

Land or home appraisers spend the majority of their work days outdoors. In short, they investigate properties, gather information on “comps” or comparables in the area, make a determination of the property’s worth and then provide that detailed information to banks, mortgage companies and insurance companies. Most states require licensing and you can inquire about training requirements from your local realty board. Be sure to include this state-specific information in your resume letter as they’re a part of most state’s compliance regulations. 

Of course, as you might expect, the information technology sector continues to move at an incredibly fast speed. There’s always a demand for those willing to move right along with the advances. Depending on your particular position, additional education might be advantageous if not required. 

Physicians Assistant
Physicians’ assistants, although not a new concept, are becoming more popular. While a nurse’s priority is the patient, a physician’s assistant is more focused on the physician and his needs. These employees might review a patient’s history for the doctor who’s considering changing the patient’s medications. 

Human Resources Personnel
This career path is one that continues to evolve as the landscaping changes in the workplace. HR personnel might oversee new employee training, negotiate with insurance companies for the group health policies or conduct testing on applicants to ensure they’re capable of doing any job for the employer. 

Financial Advisors
Naturally, the need for competent and ethical financial advisors is on the rise. This is a challenging career due to the unpredictable nature of world financial markets; however, it’s lucrative and perfect for those with analytical minds. Your professional resume should provide a detailed history of your career and performance. 

There’s always a need for brilliant and inspired educators at every level – from elementary schools to college classrooms. Many believe new laws will be enacted to ensure the best teachers aren’t lost to lower wages. For those passionate about the future of the country, education is the natural choice. 

Engineers, whether civil, electrical or software, have always been in big demand. Companies across the country are more than willing to put out big money to attract the brightest graduates. Engineers are those who build the foundation the rest of the country depends on; whether roads or intricate computer networks, the engineer’s role is crucial. 

Freelance Writers
Freelance writing is no longer defined as journalists for hire who write stories and then sell to agencies such as the Associated Press. Today’s freelance writer, just as educated as their journalist counterparts, might find themselves researching any number of topics, people or trends and then writing informative and accurate articles for websites, companies or individuals. Although degrees aren’t necessarily required, the best of the best have advanced English courses under their belts and know how to combine the words that define the sentences. Other assignments a freelance writer might undertake include preparing resume cover letters, maintaining blogs and even ghostwriting novels. 

Naturally, the key to landing any of these top 10 careers is presenting an accurate and complete resume. If your dream job requires a college education, you’ll need to provide the information that will allow potential employers to verify your information. You’ll want to ensure it’s error-free, accurate, professional and the best resume it can possibly be. Remember, your resume is the first impression potential employers will see. 

Let I-CareerSearch craft your next resume, to ensure your target employer, to differentiate yourself from competition within your job market.

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